Established in 1973, A-Fontane® today has become a renowned bedding brand in Hong Kong and the Greater China region. Every part of the product enhancement and innovation are essential contributions to our successful story. A-Fontane®  establish a manufacturing facility in Huizhou over 2,000 sqft.

Eco Sleepack (5-piece bedding set), Eco®-snapper, Professional™ Pillow and more were invented. A-Fontane is claimed to be the professionalist of bedding invention.

A-Fontane nowadays distributed through the department store not only in Hong Kong, but also in Asia Pacific region and other European countries.

More than Silk™

More than Silk™ is originated from Austrian wood fiber. With the exquisite textile and dyeing technology, it turns into extraordinary bedding accessories. Comparing with organic cotton and mulberry silk, it is more eco-friendly and comfortable. It contains finer fibers and higher water-content than real silk, creating an upgraded sleeping experience.

The easy caring feature of More than Silk™ let you enjoy the versatile, luxurious and very delicate silky finishing at the same time, without following the complex laundry steps, making More than Silk™ a more desirable alternative to silk.

ECO® snapper

In order to secure the position of the quilt and quilt cover, there are ECO® snapper on different ends of the cover and corresponding holes surrounding the quilt. With this innovative button, one can add or remove the quilt depending on the weather with case. 

Cotton Wedding Collection

A-Fontane Cotton Wedding Collection is made of 100% cotton. By applying advanced dyeing technology into every single piece of yarn, which makes the color lasts even longer. With our sophisticated manufacturing technology, pattern details are gorgeous and eye-catching. The ingenious combination of all creates a sense of romance.

Cartoon Cotton Collection

A-Fontane is the authorized licensee of the most popular characters in Japan. We have the most adorable and trendy Anpanman and Sanrio characters bedding collections. 100% quality cotton with extra smoothness and softness is perfect for both adults and children. 

VirusKiller Antiviral & Antibacterial Series

VirusKiller Antiviral & Antibacterial collection maintain a high standard of hyiene and cleanness in your household and sleeping environment, by preventing the spread of virus, bacteria, mold and odor. VirusKiller Collection adopts the Australia HealthGuard® AMIC technology by HealthGuard Corporation of Australia, which provide superior results for anti-microbial and board range of anti-viral testing. The anti-viral textile finish has been tested against the human coronavirus by the Molecular Virology Laboratory of the Peter Dorherty Institute for infection and immunity at The University of Melbourne. 

A-Fontane is the pioneer to bring antiviral and antibacterial bedding products to Hong Kong. VirusKiller collection has also accredited by the third party institute, Hong Kong CMA testing and certification laboratories, that could effectively against Coronavirus. Our collection includes mattresses, pillows, protectors, sleeping bags, quilts and cushions in order to provide a full range protection to our customers.