A-Fontane Mattress

A-Fontane® Mattress aimed at producing innovative and quality products. We provide a series of spring mattress to fulfil the needs for our consumers. Recently, we designed the "Point-to-Point® Support and Relief Mattress" is specially designed for children. Focusing on the special needs for children’s spine growth. Customer can enjoy the best quality product with excellent material, under a reasonable price. We also provide some mattress mat items for different levels of spine support. It fits with all size of family in Hong Kong with flexibility, allowing you to enjoy your sleeping journey.

In response to the epidemic and public health concerns, HealthGuard® AMIC anti-virus technology has been revolutionarily added to the mattress fabric surface. The international authority Doherty Institute* has confirmed that it can kill the COVID-19 virus within 10 minutes. It can also inhibit bacteria, anti-mite, to provide a healthy sleeping environment.

Mattress Mat

Variety of choices which are all weight-friendly, for changing bed sheet and movable. We have mats for infant and kids, also mattress topper specially for the sagging of mattress.