Customized Support and Relief Mattress

It fits the natural curve of your spine, according to your height, weight and sleeping habit. It support and relief your shoulders and hips.

Open Case® Design

The Open-case® design of the Point-To-Point® Relief System means that you can remove the pressure relief units and clean the the inside creating a clean and dust free sleeping environment.

CoupleFit® Design

When a couple is looking for a quality mattress, who makes the final decision? Our double DPM® Point-to-Point® Mattress solves the problem. Each half of the mattress can be configured separately, creating individual body contouring and a personalised comfort zone for each partner. This can also minimise disturbance to your sleep when your partner shifts position on their half of the mattress.

Point-To-Point® Sensor

The DPM® advanced "Point-To-Point® Sensor", can quickly detect your body pressure distribution while you sleep, using an objective and comprehensive analysis of the scientific data which shows the support and pressure points for your body, as well your personal sleep behaviour, and determines the perfect mattress comfort index for you.

The DPM® Relief System is based on science and gives you a custom-fitted Point-To-Point® mattress that knows you better than you know yourself.

Mattress Designed for Kids

The Point-to-Point Support and Relief Mattress is a breakthrough in mattress design for kids, that provides precise support and pressure relief through all the growth stages. The modules can be reposition to suit the child’s height. It is an Open Mattress Design, which you can clean the internal modules and components to prevent bacteria and dust mites.

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