A-Fontane Mattress

A-fontane® Mattress aimed at producing innovative and quality products. We provide a series of spring mattress to fulfil the needs for our consumers. Recently, we designed the "Point-to-Point® Support and Relief Mattress" is specially designed for children. Focusing on the special needs for children’s spine growth. Customer can enjoy the best quality product with excellent material, under a reasonable price. We also provide some mattress mat items for different levels of spine support. It fits with all size of family in Hong Kong with flexibility, allowing you to enjoy your sleeping journey.

In response to the epidemic and public health concerns, HealthGuard® AMIC anti-virus technology has been revolutionarily added to the mattress fabric surface. The international authority Doherty Institute* has confirmed that it can kill the COVID-19 virus within 10 minutes. It can also inhibit bacteria, anti-mite, to provide a healthy sleeping environment.

Anti-viral Mattress

VirusKiller PURE Mattress has added anti-viral technology on the surface of the mattress. Doherty Institute claims that AMIC has been effective against killing spores of Corona Virus. At the same time, it can reduce the dust might and bacteria. 

· US FDA registered
· OEKO-TEX ® (ACP) listed

*HealthGuard AMIC anti-viral textile finish has been tested to be 99% effective against killing spores of Conrona Virus, SARS and Influenza Virus within 10 minutes. It also reduce the virus infection rate in 1 hour.  Data is provided by Prof. Damian Purce, from The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity -  joint venture between The University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Kids Mattress

The Point-to-Point Support and Relief Mattress is a breakthrough in mattress design for kids, that provides precise support and pressure relief through all the growth stages. The modules can be reposition to suit the child’s height. It is an Open Mattress Design, which you can clean the internal modules and components to prevent bacteria and dust mites.

Finlayson Mat

Variety choices of mat and tri-fold mat with Nordic special patterned design. You can fold the mat into mattress or seats. The tri-fold design is easy for storage. It acts as your chill companion.

DPM Mattress

DPM® Home has always been strongly committed to the development of products for healthy sleeping. The DPM™ patented POINT-TO-POINT® technology has enabled a breakthrough in a systemic approach of the mattress and pillow as a complete sleep system. The products and technologies of DPM™ are the results from 20 years of research and development on mattresses and pillows, involving western and traditional Chinese health professionals in the areas of orthopaedic, chiropractic and physical therapy. With DPM™, you can relax, recharge and recuperate with every sleep.